Ibrahim Nasrallah
Ibrahim Nasrallah
2022 Literature Laureate

“With our literature and art, we Palestinians keep reminding ourselves that we are still beautiful people despite the brutal occupation and despite decades of anguish and death, because our beauty is above the occupation and not under it! “

“I am motivated by anger! But I hide my anger behind colour and irony because I need people to understand the reality and absurdity of the human condition.”

Loay Elbasyouni
2021 Science Laureate

“Everybody can participate in space exploration and research; it’s not limited only to governments anymore.”

Salma Khadra Jayyusi
2021 Literature Laureate

“The greatest struggle and the greatest triumph of Palestinian writers lies in their refusal to become humanity’s cringing victims.” 

Sliman Mansour
Art Laureate

After listening to the testimonies of many Palestinian artists about their childhood after the Nakba and under the Occupation, I believe that true talent emerges in defiance of all the forces of oppression, subjugation, and denial.